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If you saw Whizzy on The View, or Talk Soup, heard it discussed on Regis, or read about it in the Utne Reader, (Click HERE to read it) you know the convenience Whizzy offers to women!

Invented and produced by women for women to make life a little easier!

What is a Whizzy?

Whizzy is a device that enables a woman to urinate from a standing position like a man. It is formed of heavy paper that slides virtually flat between your legs and opens to form a trough. Its unique and patented shape, angle and easy-grip handles make it very easy to use. It adjusts to each user's anatomy and stance. You stand naturally, with no bending or straddling necessary. It is disposable, and fits easily into purse, pocket or backpack.

Why a Whizzy?

  • More sanitary in public toilets
  • Keeps feet and clothes dry outdoors
  • Easy on joints and muscles
  • Keep in purse, pocket, glove compartment
  • Freedom to "go" almost anywhere
You might think twice about sitting down in that port-a-potty - but with Whizzy® in purse or pocket, you won't have to! And the possible uses are endless. Hiking, camping, fishing picnicing - at the mall - the sports stadium - at a concert - in an airplane, outhouse, theater or boat - once you experience the ease of using this revolutionary product, you'll wonder how you got along without it!

Available in two lengths, the longer original Whizzy,
and the compact travel size Whizzy with easy-grip handles.

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