Penomet pump review and results 2019

My Penomet review score:
  • Efficiency
  • Build quality
  • Support
  • Price

Review summary

I have used a Penomet penis pump the last 6 months and I have gained quite a lot in terms of size and I’m now able to get and maintain a strong erection for more than 20 min.(I used to struggle keeping it hard for more than just 2 min.).
There are a few minor disadvantages, but overall I’m very happy with the pump

My Results after 6 months:

  • Stronger erections
  • Longer lasting erections
  • 1.3 Inches longer penis
  • 1.4 Inches wider penis girth

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User Review
4.5 (4 votes)

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Hey guys – This is my results and review of the Penomet hydro penis enlargement pump that I have used the last 6 months. The pump is relatively new and won best adult product of the year in 2013 and has a lot of great feedback from users.

my penomet pump

my penomet pump after 6 months of use

Why did I buy a penis pump?

penomet reviewThis is kind of depressing to write about but here we go- I was only 32 years old (at the time of purchase) and I already had a hard time getting an erection and keeping it going for more than just 2 min.

I was frustrated as hell, I used to be the f*****g king of lasting long in bed – I live a relatively healthy and active lifestyle “Why was this happening to me???”.

This is not a problem that I would talk to my mates/family about so I went online and found a whole new world of wired products and methods.

Only god knows how long time I spend on weird sites with all sorts of products, but in the end I did go with a penis pump because it is the one product that is recommended by doctors to treat and cure erectile dysfunction. And it will add a bit of size to my penis (I don’t really need it but I would not complain if it got larger).

The erectile dysfunction/male enhancement marked is a freaking jungle – How did I end up with the Penomet pump?

Why did I choose the Penomet?

There are basically two different options you can go with when you choose a penis pump- Air or water based.

air vs water penis pump

Here are some of the pro’s and con’s of the options:

Air based penis pump pro’s:

  • You don’t need to be in your bathroom to use it (or other places with water).
  • The air pumps are cheaper – But I don’t know why?
  • They have been around for much longer than water pumps and are more tested.

Water based penis pumps pro’s:

  • The water based penis pumps can create a much stronger vacuum.
  • They are more effective.
  • The pumps are newer and has better and improved features and efficiency.

Air based penis pump con’s:

  • They are not as effective as the water based pumps.

Water based penis pumps con’s:

  • You have to use it in your bathroom.
  • More expensive

Efficiency is the most important thing for me and that’s why I picked a water based pump, you can read way more about water vs air penis pumps here. Picking a water based pump was easy, the Penomet have won many awards in its short life and has many positive user feedbacks. The Penomet is a bit expensive – but hey, the money is well spent if it makes my life quality a lot better.

How does Penomet work?

Basically all penis pumps work the same way – you put your penis in a cylinder shape plastic/glass container and pump air or water out of the cylinder, this will create a vacuum and more blood will be forced into the “Corpora cavernosa” (the chamber in your penis that contain blood when you have an erection).

how does penomet work

The more you pump, the larger your penis will get, but you should take it easy in the beginning and don’t overdo it!

The increased amount of blood in your penis will expand it temporary at first and permanently if you continue to use the pump on a regularly basic.

My experience during the last 6 months with the pump

The Penomet is available in 3 different versions – a simple version, the extra version and the premium one with extra stuff to adjust the pressure and other fancy stuff. I just ordered the extra version since I’m a bit of a cheap ass and could not see why I should spend another $100 to get the premium one. You can read all about the different versions at

I ordered the Penomet at (the only place to buy it) and got the pump after 2 days and was really excited to get started.

But I ran into problems before I already got started, the pump would simply not stick to my skin and create a tight seal. A quick google search showed that I was not alone and the solution to the problem was shaving down there.

The pump created a perfect seal after a quick shave and I was ready to go.

This is how I use the Penomet pump

  1. top vent of penomet

    Top vent

    Put your finger on the top vent to prevent water escaping.

  2. Fill the pump with warm water (a bit warmer than your body temperature)
  3. Hold the pump under your penis and move it up around your penis and create a tight seal around your penis base. (It’s hard to avoid water on the floor)
  4. Now press the pump in and let it slowly come out again before you press it in again. This will pump out water and create a vacuum. You will feel a slightly “strange” feeling in your penis as the blood flow increases.
  5. Pump a few times again after 4-5 min. Don’t pump too much, it should not be uncomfortable.
  6. Keep the pump on your penis for another 10-15 min.
  7. Release the vacuum at the top of the pump with your finger and pull your penis out.

Bring entertainment!

You might think that 15-20 min. passes by quickly, but that’s not the case when you are staring at your penis in a penis pump! Bring your smartphone, tablet or laptop and put on a YouTube (or other tube sites ;)) video or whatever you like to watch or listen to.

The first “WOW” experience

I literally went “WOW” the first time I pulled my penis out of the Penomet after the very first session. It was freaking huge! The size lasted a good 2 hours before it slowly got back to its normal size.

My Penomet results:

I measured my penis size before I started to see if I gained anything in terms of size.

My gains after the six month:

  • +1.3-inch longer penis
  • +1.4-inch longer penis girth (this really surprised me, I guess it’s a good product for guys with thin penises)
  • My erections stay hard for more than 20 min. now (I had trouble getting past 2 min. before I started)
  • The increased penis size last during the entire day

penomet results

Overall I’m very happy with the results of the first 6 months – I’ll continue to use the Penomet pump and I plan on writing a follow up review after 8-10 months.

Do I recommend Penomet?

Although this is a pretty expensive pump I still recommend it. It’s really effective – in fact way more effective than I thought it would be!

This pump has basically saved my sex life! I can now get and maintain strong erections and keep going like I used to 🙂

You can buy it at the official site at

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