SheWee Review

You must absolutely dread sitting in filthy public toilets or portable loos if you’re a girl. You might also dislike squatting on dirty roads during your outdoor adventures once nature calls. Fortunately, the invention of female urination devices will no longer make you jealous of males who can find a perfect loo spot just anywhere.

And one female urination device you may have come across is the SheWee Pee Funnel. But is this device really as great as others make it out to be? If you have second thoughts about purchasing this product, here’s a detailed SheWee review that will help you decide below!


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What to Know About the SheWee Pee Funnel?

Before starting this SheWee review, here’s what you need to know about this product first. The SheWee Pee Funnel is dubbed as the world’s original female urination device.

It has been around since 1999, allowing you to pee without having to strip down your bottoms and undies. This product comes in five different colors and a few other product inclusions (to be discussed later) for a trip to the loo like no other.

Ease of Use

This device claims that all you have to do is unzip your pants, push your underwear to the side, and carefully attach the product to your body. The build of the product is pretty straightforward, making it easy to use even if you’re using this item for the first time.

Of course, you’ll also have to ensure that you aim well to avoid spills. SheWee’s manufacturer recommends that you should practice using their product in your home shower before using it outdoors. That way, you can avoid accidental leaks when utilizing this product outdoors.

Product Build

This female urination device is made out of recyclable polypropylene, making it a durable and eco-friendly product. And thanks to its hard plastic material, you wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally bending the product and end up causing a mess.

Included Extension Pipe

Are you wearing bulky clothes and worried about your urine getting onto them? Don’t worry, because this product comes with an extension pipe made for that purpose. If the unit’s built-in funnel is too short for your bulky outfit, simply attach the extension pipe, and you’ll be good to go.

Like the urination funnel, the extension pipe is also made of polypropylene. Therefore, you also won’t have to worry about bending the pipe when using the product.

Excellent Portability

The funnel has the dimensions of 170 mm x 35 mm, making it easy to carry around for your travels. Even the extension pipe is not that bulky, as it is only 150 mm x 20 mm in terms of its dimensions. Both inclusions are also very lightweight, so adding them to your bag wouldn’t be a hassle at all.

Comes with a Neat Storage Case

Unlike other urination devices, the SheWee Pee Funnel comes with its designated storage case. It is also made with hard plastic, ensuring that your urination device is firmly protected while it’s kept in your bag. This storage case also makes it easy to discreetly store your urination device and keep it clean for your next use.

Easy to Clean and Reuse

The product’s sturdy plastic build isn’t just so that you don’t accidentally spray your urine all over the place. It’s also made to ensure that the unit repels liquid. Such a feature makes it easier to clean and ready for its next usage.

You can wash your urination device with mild soap and water for a thorough wash. But if you can’t do a thorough clean right away, simply washing it with water and shaking the extra water off will also do the trick.

Final Verdict

This SheWee review highly approves of this urination device. The SheWee Pee Funnel is extremely easy to use, portable, and extremely lightweight. Furthermore, with the aid of its extension pipe, you can further prolong the tube of your urination funnel to avoid getting urine onto your clothes.

Moreover, this product is also highly reusable and easy to clean, making it a holy grail for all your outdoor travels. Finally, you can discreetly pack your urination funnel in your bag with its durable casing and keep it clean for your next usage.

Clearly, this product is a must-have for all your outdoor toilet trips, and there’s a reason why many are huge fans of this game-changing device.