Sunany Review

Sunany stands out as a reliable female urination device. It is an economical option because it can be reused. The use of silicone allows ladies to carry urine and dispose of then clean it for the next use. Ladies looking forward to saving money as they travel can get the urination to decide.

Women can pee while standing, and the device will collect all the urine. It was designed after considering what ladies need to release urine as they stand up. It comes in a portable design to allow ladies to enjoy a great experience as they move around.

Some areas where the ladies can apply it include travel adventures, camping and other outdoor adventures. The device is safer to use and makes work easy for the ladies to travel with peace of mind.


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Taking a Look at the Sunany Pee Funnel

Several features of Sunany urination device make people prefer it. The device was developed to allow users to feel great as they travel around. Some of the features that make the urination device the perfect choice for ladies is:

Safe and comfortable

Ladies will not have to struggle to use the device. They can pee when standing. High-quality silicone materials ensure the device is safe for use. Tests are carried out to ensure there are no harmful components.

It comes in a soft and easy to use design. There are no cases of irritations that can make ladies feel let down. The application of moisture-proof design ensures ladies stay dry after urination and carrying the urine.

Super compact

The Sunany urination device comes in a high-quality design to allow users to feel great. There is no worry of urine discomfort when spending a lot of time outdoors. Ladies can always use the decision to release the urine when the urge to urinate is too much.

Some ladies enjoy outdoor adventures such as driving over long distances for camping. They can use the devices to release the urine for later disposal. The compact design ensures it is easy to carry the device around.

No leaks

The materials used to make the device ensures there are no leaks. Count on it, and it will allow for easy urine disposal. Users of the device can feel great applying it in their travel adventures. Make travelling comfortable by getting the Sunany urine disposal unit.

Girls who will not hold urine for too long can rely on it to avoid too much pressure on their bladder. It takes a few minutes to figure out how it works.

No urine splashes

The Sunany will fit perfectly on the private parts to prevent urine leaks. Those interested in keeping their travelling experience stand out can always count on the device. It fits well on the skin to ensure the urine flow into the device. The design mimics the shape of the female parts. There is no worry of splashes as the ladies urinate.

Having the device is a great way to improve hygiene when travelling.

Easy to clean

The Sunany device is easy to clean. Other devices available in the market are disposable. The disposable units can end up polluting the environment or cost a lot of money because each travelling adventure will require the use of several devices.

It is different from the Sunany because it allows for easy urine disposal. Dispose of urine, then dispose of the device. The fact that the urine is reusable makes it an economical device. It will never let users down. The device comes in a safe and easy to use design.

Drawstring closure

The Sunany comes with a drawstring closure. It will not be hectic to close and carry urine around. Users feel great to have it in place. The high-quality design makes it a great way to keep things in order. The device was developed to assure users of great results. Urine will never be a problem when travelling after getting the device.

Comfortable urination experience

The device makes urination comfortable. It will avoid splashes; the device is waterproof and will make the whole idea of outdoor adventures safe. Ladies sometimes find it hard to urinate when outdoors.

They will no longer have to squat; the device allows them to bend a bit and then urinate. It simplifies the process of urinating outdoors. The urine is carefully enclosed to allow for safe disposal.


The Sunany pee funnel is the best reusable pee funnel that I would recommend you.