Travel John Review

Travel John makes travelling comfortable. People feel the urge to urinate, but they face difficulties in public places such as camping sites. The Travel John device makes things easy. It is a disposable urinal kit that can be used to carry urine for later disposal. It is highly hygienic because it does not require washing.

The disposal urinals come in a pack that allows users to carry them around for later disposal. People who love camping adventures, hiking and other outdoor expeditions in remote places can rely on the device. The kit is made to make things easy.

It is easy to use and can be applied in any location. For example, users can apply the devices in their cars without worry. The urinal device comes with several features that make many people prefer it.

travel john

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First Impressions

Many people are happy with a quick Travel John review because of the high-quality features. The camping urinal kit has several features that allow users to feel great carrying it around. Some of the features that make the device very practical are:

Disposable Urinals Deluxe

The urinal kit is disposable. Those who love disposable kits would not like to handle urine when washing the kits. There is no worry. The design considers the need to enjoy a great adventure when working on the urine kit.

The kit is safe and high quality to allow users to feel great as they move around. Get the disposal kit, and it makes the process of disposing of urine safely and easy. It comes in a simple design but works perfectly when handling urine.

Ideal for road trips

The Travel John is made to allow users to enjoy road trips. Sometimes people feel it is necessary to change their environment and travel long distances. The device is made to assure them a great performance.

They can travel over long distances and get to enjoy the whole experience. The devices come in a pack that can support many people travelling. For example, some people organize group road trips. They can get disposable devices, and they will easily manage to handle urine on the way.

The devices consider what people need when trying to urinate. It encloses urine safely for later disposal. The issue of urination urges when on a busy highway will not be an issue to bother travelers. They can always rely on the devices to relieve their urine and travel with peace of mind.

Unisex, for all genders

The device is made to accommodate all genders. Count on it to work perfectly when travelling around. Buy a pack of Travel john, and it will serve the family fully. There is no stress on how to handle urine. The design will prevent urine splashes and make the whole idea of urinating when on a road trip possible.

The high-quality design assures users peace of mind as they travel around. Get the high-quality kit, and it will be a great way to start travelling around. It is a highly reliable kit that can assure traveler’s great adventure.


The kit assures travelers of a high level of hygiene. It encloses urine and avoids any odor. There will be no stress of urine odor in the car. Sometimes urine odor can be irritating in a car. The stress can be avoided by getting a kit that will enclose the urine and avoid stress when travelling. Get the high-quality urine, and it will work to assure travelers the best experience possible. Rely on the kit to always feel great when travelling around.

Non-toxic materials

All the materials used in the kit are nontoxic. It will not expose users to any form of side effects. It is a practical kit that can be applied to allow users to feel great at all times. Buying the urination device will contribute to making travelers feel safe at all times.

Leak proof

There is no stress of leaks when travelling. The kit closes perfectly to prevent any urine leak. It is a simple but highly reliable kit that can be applied to enjoy great travel adventures. Get the high-quality travel kit, and it will work to allow users to feel great. The disposal kit eliminates the stress of having to clean up after use.


The Travel John’s are a great option for both men and women with this disposable urinal and it’s the recommended disposable option on my list of the best pee funnels.